Cornerstone Construction Corp.: Your Community Partner

Cornerstone Construction Corp. is a residential service provider who values their small community. Being in a area where recreation plays a big role, we want to be at the front lines of producing quaility homes that overlook the beauty of Higgins Lake. 


Being rasied in this area we have seen many changes and challenges that occur in a vast growing area. In order to meet those challenges, we have learned to be flexible and adapt to the ever changing zoning and building requirments.




Our community partners include:

  • Homes for Humanity
  • Roscommon-Higgins Lake Chamber Commererce
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Tri-Lakes Home Builders Association
  • National Home Building Association
  • NFIB


Contact us at 989 821-8923, or send us an e-mail.


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To contact us, call:


989 821-8923


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